Friday, April 01, 2011

| Before & After: Showroom |

Sometimes you just need a change, our showroom is no exception.  Sure, we create an enormous mess while shuffling around sofas and chests, but the outcome is always a fresh and exciting way to showcase items that have gone unnoticed.
The front window is always the main attraction of our showroom, so it must stay up-to-date. While it was beautiful before, it felt more appropriate for the winter season with its cozy furniture and the lack of color in the accessories.
Creating a new window for the warmer days was simple. We made the furniture lighter and the accents have a little more personality. Also, the white garden benches and wooden blocks for side tables were a perfect fit for our more casual display.
Accessorizing the window with greenery and a piece of coral was key to making it come to life for Spring. Overall, we have designed an interesting and lovely space that is not only perfect for a fresh season, but also sure to draw in any passerby!

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