Tuesday, March 08, 2011

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The inventory at R. Higgins Interiors is eclectic, one-of-a-kind, and of great quality and value. Each piece carries an air of character that will put any antique knock-off to shame. The showroom attracts shoppers from all over, but it's the ones with great taste that we see again and again. With his well-trained eye, Roger knows how to distinguish junk from treasures and it's because of this our beloved showroom stays filled with merchandise you can't find anywhere else.

From your first visit you will recognize that this store is unlike any other around, filled with interesting light fixtures, funky trinkets, and extraordinary furniture pieces. Roger has accumulated an array of items that are sure to bring an unexpected element to any home. Whether relaxing in South Carolina or exploring in Italy, he is drawn to every auction, flea market, and antique store that he can get to. His philosophy is to never rule anywhere out. Whether the venue seems too fancy or too humble, he believes there is always potential for finding something that speaks to you. After all, a great find is a great find (and you can find plenty in our quaint, little shop!). 

*These images are just a taste to give you an idea of what our showroom is about. They were taken by a very talented photographer in the Nashville area named Quinn BallardBe on the lookout for a complete inventory section on our new website in a couple of weeks. It will include pictures, descriptions, and dimensions for all of the pieces we sell in our showroom. We look forward to launching this new platform to showcase our goods, so stay tuned!

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